Ville Lumiere

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Color Grey
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Ville Lumiere is a digital wallpaper from Inkiostro Bianco. Colors include Grey. It is stored as an image, rescaled to wall size and printed on a variety of substrates for multiple functions. Size of specific areas of pattern detail and colors can be customized. All technical specifications & certifications are shown in the Pattern Specifics table on product pages.

Renderings Timetable: 5-7 days

Samples Timetable: 10-12 days

Product Type: Digital Wallpaper

Collections: Vinyl, Gold Vinyl, Raw, EQ.dekor, Gold Leaf, and Pink Gold

Availability: 4-5

Suitability: Indoor, Outdoor

Price Guide: Boutique, Luxury

Typical Production Period: 10

Shipping Method: Air freight to final location, Ocean freight upon request


Material Descriptions & Features:

Inkiostro Bianco prints on four substrates with the same high quality technical characteristics which render fine colors and detailed resolution. See image gallery for surface textures of each type.

INDOOR – Vinyl & Gold Vinyl: It is the perfect product on which to let creativity flow because it can be applied not only to walls, but also to ceilings and furnishing accessories with extreme adaptability depending on the chosen style.
INDOOR - Raw: Raw is the textured wallpaper for those who wish to give their rooms a natural touch thanks to the canvas- look weave typical of raw fabric substrates. It is composed of glass fibers combined with natural fibers.
SHOWER & OUTDOOR - EQ.dekor : EQ.dekor is the right material to experiment and push creativity to a higher level because it allows graphic decorations to be applied on surfaces traditionally unsuitable for wallpaper, such as wet areas. Shower interiors, bathrooms, spa areas, kitchen backsplashes or even outdoor living areas.
INDOOR – Goldenwall Gold Leaf & Pink Gold The Goldenwall world lives a life of its own and brings to the walls a refined refined and dreamy imagery at the same time. A precious base, in yellow and pink gold versions, that invites you to conceive space with the courage to dare and amaze.


Color Customization: Some colors can be customized using the RAL or Pantone Systems. Color customizations incur a charge.

Technical Features:

CODE Vinyl & Gold Vinyl Raw EQ.dekor Gold Leaf and Pink Gold
COMPOSITION Top layer in vinyl and back layer in TNT non-woven fabric. Weave of glass and natural fibers. Bidirectional fabric made of fiberglass surface treated with a polyurethane alkali-resistant stiffener. Enriched with a golden color and a gold leaf. Top layer in vinyl and back layer in TNT non-woven fabric.
THICKNESS 0.58 mm 0.6 mm 0.47 ± 0.13 mm 0.24 mm
ROLL WIDTH 68 cm ; 100 cm 94 cm 94 cm 47 cm
EXCESS MATERIAL 5 cm extra 5 cm extra 5 cm extra 5 cm extra
CERTIFICATIONS Fire resistant Fire resistant Resistant to UV rays Fire resistant
FEATURES Non-absorbent and odourless
Washable with water and neutral soap
Non-absorbent and odourless
Gently clean with a damp cloth
No heavy structural renovation required
Quick to apply
High dimensional stability
Resistant to traction, to weathering agents, to abrasion and scoring
Non-absorbent and odourless
Washable with water and neutral soap


About Manufacturer: Relationships, empathy and reliability are some of the key concepts by which Inkiostro Bianco wants to be guided in order to provide a valuable and highly professional service. They like to work with materials, but we also like being in contact with people. Listening to their desires and needs to create relationships and realise projects together that fully satisfy the initial request. We always want to deepen and improve the existing relationships with the people who work with us and who choose us, and we always aim at creating new ones.

Founded: 2013