Terms & Conditions


We do not publish actual prices. In order to satisfy the demands of sophisticated contract specifiers, we include all available manufacturer's customizations to standard products. And while we have simplified the specification process, there are far too many variations to publish prices. We also employ a flat price policy (the only fair and modern way to price products and options) which includes discounts for project volume which are finalized when the entire project is understood.

In order to provide budget guidance to clients on specific products, we have categorized each product into 3 price layers. These are seen on product pages. We use hotel types to more simply identify them:

Luxury: think of products that would be specified for luxury hotels such as the St Regis, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, and fine dining restaurants

Boutique: these products might be found in hotels such as W, Fermdale Hotels such as Crosby Street, The Standard, etc. and in restaurant chains such as Lettuce Entertain You

Budget: these products are most likely found in hotels such as Courtyard by Marriott, etc. 

This guidance will never be as precise as an actual price. We can offer accurate prices only during our estimating process when all relevant factors are known. Over many years of experience we’ve learned that this process enables us to offer the most accurate and the most competitive prices.

We do not engage in “False” pricing:

As a contract supplier, we price by project. We do not engage in false “list”, “net” pricing or deceptive discounts. We set one flat, competitive contract price for each product. And then provide project discounts based on the overall value of project orders.

This is disadvantageous to one-off residential customers but provides very competitive pricing for contract projects and benefits more broadly-based relationships.

Our project prices are calculated manually based on quote requests and confirmed with orders.

Shipping & Local Delivery Prices:

Our flat product prices are independent of logistics costs. As suppliers of products for upscale contract projects, transport requirements differ widely, and frequently our clients use their own freight forwarders. Our first priority is therefore to provide competitive and commercially acceptable prices for products. In our specification process, we ask for information that will enable estimates to meet transport requirements. These are our best estimates at the time but can quickly become out-of-date. Changing quantities and adding products also influence costs. When requested, our estimates will always include transport prices for the products within that estimate on the date provided. However these will be revisited as the order is placed.


Our goal is to enable designers to search, save & share, request samples and specify products without the usual complexities involved in this process. Our entire business is built on the premise of simplification, enabling designers to devote more time to creating beautiful spaces.

For example, on our wallpaper site, designers can move from discovery to delivery of wallpaper in six easy steps.

Simplified Pricing:

To reward our relationships on projects, we use a project-focused discount structure. Discounts will be shown on each project estimate and will be applied on our project invoices as a whole prior to the order being placed. Discounts increase based on the value of the overall order.

Adding or removing products from the project estimate:

  • When products are added to the project estimate, the percentage and actual discount will grow. The reverse may happen if products are removed.
  • We will reissue project estimates when changes are made. Each project estimate will carry the date of that estimate and an estimate version number.

If project estimates are split and orders are placed at different times, the initial order will be charged at the price for that order value. When the remaining orders are placed for that project, additional discounts will be applied to each succeeding order so that the original project price for all products will be achieved if all estimated products are ordered.

Other Simplifications:

This pricing policy is part of our platform of simplification.

Other platform benefits include:

  • Easy product discovery.
  • Remote or office work – our digital tools are available wherever you work.
  • Discovery to delivery - one resource for modern products for all your projects
  • We will soon add mistake-free, one click specification of all options. available for each product.

Our flat prices are for products only and do not include transport from the site of production to the requested destination. On the project estimate, this is shown as ex-works, along with the country of origin. We will always request delivery information and when it is provided it will be quoted as part of the estimate.


When it is possible, our project estimates also feature a shipping cost allocation. This will be clearly marked at the bottom of each estimate. The delivery cost allocation is calculated from the average cost of a shipment of the same size to the region. There may be variances between the shipping cost allocation and the actual cost. The allocation is provided as a guide only and will always be updated on the project invoice when full delivery instructions have been provided. If delivery information is provided to us during the specification process our initial shipping cost allocation will be more accurate based on this information.


Our project estimates are provided and updated as products are added or removed from the project. Shipping cost allocations are provided on project estimates as a guide for each project. Project invoices are produced immediately prior to the payment of the deposit for the order. 100% payments (wallpaper) and other terms for other products are clearly marked, and should be paid on invoice totals. Purchasers should not pay based on project estimates.


As is standard industry practice, wallpaper products are paid 100% with order. Payments for other products vary and will be shown on project estimates & invoices.

Credit card payments are accepted for samples only. A 3% transaction fee is added when credit card payments are charged.


Due to variances in resolution and color balance on computer monitors or telephones, digital images on our website should not be used to judge materials, finishes or colors. We will always provide samples upon request.

Production begins only after receipt of payment with order. Prior to production, invoices must also be signed. We accept these signatures as approval that all specifications are correct, including but not limited to any particular fire codes that are required for products in use at the final location. Due to the variations in local codes and requirements, we cannot be held responsible for products incorrectly specified. In the case of wallpaper, renderings must also be signed by the Client.


All products are custom-made to order. They can only be canceled or modified prior to production beginning - usually 3-5 days after payment with order.

Delivery Cost Allocation:

If the estimate is prepared without a specific delivery address, a delivery cost allocation may have been made and marked on the estimate. A delivery cost allocation is calculated from the average cost of a shipment of the same size to the region (if known). This is provided as a guide only and will always be updated prior to actual shipment when the actual delivery location is provided.

Shipping & Delivery Responsibility

Please read estimates carefully, as shipping & delivery responsibility is always marked.


EXW Factory: Collection from the factory or manufacturers warehouse by purchaser.

CIF US Warehouse: We organize delivery to a US warehouse.

Door Delivery: We organize delivery to an installation location. Unless otherwise specified on the estimate/invoice, this delivery includes delivery to an external door. It does not involve taking products inside a location or unpacking

Air Freight to Location: Products are sent by airfreight from manufacturer to installation location or address when provided.

White Glove Delivery: We organize door-to-door delivery, after which products are placed in the location per instructions and all packing materials are removed.

All our shipments are insured for damage in transit. However, when the estimate/invoice is marked as EXW factory, we have no such responsibility. The purchaser or freight forwarder has full responsibility for both the collection, and safety of products during transit. We have no insurance to cover any damages beyond the factory gate. In EXW factory orders, the purchaser or freight forwarder will be asked to sign a release (usually called a “Bill of Lading” or “BOL”) that the products are in perfect order - this transfers responsibility for ownership of products to the purchaser/freight forwarder.

In all other cases, one of the following applies:

For wallpaper & rugs: generally, products are sent by airfreight from the factory to the client’s agreed location. This will be marked on the estimate as Air Freight to Location. Large volume orders may be shipped by ocean container.

Products are packed in International Shipping cartons ready for ocean freight as standard. Extra charges will apply if products are repacked in wooden crates for any reason.

For all products that we deliver in the United States, all taxes and duties are paid.

For products we deliver to a final destination outside the United States, importing fees are not included in estimates unless specifically marked as such. These may include but not be limited to custom duties fees, custom clearance fees, import taxes and other duties. If we estimate these fees in advance, local variations can sometimes apply. Any variations will be shown on the documentation received during importation and must be paid prior to final delivery.


For all products we deliver to a requested location, we insure them for the value of replacement and shipping cost. This insurance is valid for all products carried by our freight forwarders until possession changes. We and our freight forwarders are not responsible for products, nor is our insurance valid after the transfer of products to the purchaser, or any third-party warehouse or freight forwarder. This change of ownership of products is marked by a signed BOL by the purchaser, or warehouse or freight forwarder assigned by the purchaser, after which we are not responsible for any damage that occurs.

Advice on Receipt & Inspection of Products

General: Products are inspected by the manufacturer prior to release to ensure they are in good condition, complete, and ready for shipment. Damages at any point during shipping must be noted on the Bill of Lading (BOL), signed and dated. Products are moved by freight forwarders, often warehouses and local delivery companies are also involved. Each is responsible for the products after they take possession. Each must sign and date the BOL.

  • The freight forwarder is responsible for a complete inspection of the products at the point of origin. Any damage must be noted on the BOL. The signed BOL is confirmation by the freight forwarder that they have accepted responsibility for delivering the products in the condition in which they were received. Inspections of products in cartons or crates are limited to the exterior of the packages
  • This process is repeated if new freight forwarders are involved in shipment, and when products are received in a warehouse, and when products are delivered locally. When any such transfer takes place, we strongly recommend a thorough inspection. Upon receipt and inspection, the receiver must sign a receipt (BOL) which signifies that the shipment is in good condition. Any exception must be noted in writing on the BOL and we must be immediately informed. Pictures and description of any damages must be sent to simplify@modernwallpaper.io within 5 business days otherwise no claims will be allowed
  • When unpacking the cartons or crates, inspect all products carefully. Cartons and crates should always be unpacked in the presence of the purchaser or a person responsible to the purchaser. NEVER discard original packaging until satisfied with the delivery
  • In the event that no responsible person is able to inspect the products thoroughly at the time of receipt, note on the BOL that any concealed damage of products in cartons or crates will be the responsibility of the freight forwarder or the manufacturer as determined upon later inspection of the products. Always keep a copy of the BOL. If damage is noted, save the packaging material, take pictures of the damage, and send them to us

See Insurance for damage claims.

Quality & Warranty

All our products are made of fine materials, they are carefully made and guaranteed against material and manufacturing defects for 2 years from the invoice date.

This guarantee does not include defects for misuse, accidents, neglect, and damages during transport, abuse, or aging and normal wear and tear. This warranty does not extend to fabrics, leathers, covers and materials, or other materials provided by the purchaser.

Repair, replacement, or a prorated discount on the total price constitute our full responsibility and are the only possible solutions for purchasers. We assume no responsibility for commercial losses, any consequence of damage that may result from any product defect, failure or delay. It is understood that these limited solutions and responsibility are part of the terms and conditions of purchase of our products, and when an order is processed these terms, conditions and limitations are accepted.


In the event that we store products on the purchasers behalf, the first month, from the date of arrival at the storage facility will be free. Each succeeding month will be charged as a pass-through expense, i.e., at cost. Purchasers may choose to pay for storage monthly, or in total prior to delivery. All storage costs must be paid before products are released. If the purchaser chooses to have products stored in a facility not chosen by us, we are not responsible for any damages to products from the time the BOL is signed and the transfer of ownership is made.

Products that remain uncollected for six months with no storage paid will be deemed abandoned. We will be free to sell them to recover expenses.