This page explains how to use the Modern Design Platform & (“MDP”), and the terms we commonly use. As the MDP website expands, categories are introduced and the curated marketplace of products grows, this page will be regularly updated.

Our business focus is on developing and maintaining client relationships wherein we serve architects, design teams, specifiers, purchasing agents, high net worth families and hospitality and corporate client companies, with luxury, modern design furnishing products mostly for contract use. is a nested website platform featuring 8 key product categories. Each will have a home page which will feature contextual product information, and it is intended that each category will contain the finest available artisan and semi-industrialized modern design furnishing products from around the world.

Within each category, each product page will provide “all-in-one-place” information to simplify and speed discovery. The categories will be joined by a unique Specification Engine which will be available on each product page and which will simplify customization and maintain project logistical information to remove constant duplication and wasted time in specification.

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Custom Wallpapers first became available around 2010. We are proud to say that our founders launched the pioneering custom wallpaper manufacturer (Wall&deco) in the United States in 2012, so we know a thing or two about the industry, the top manufacturers and their products.

Product information to enable discovery and specification is available as follows:

Discover Box: Available at the top of every page, when entered here keywords quickly reduce # of patterns shown
Discovery Filters: Accessed from all search pages, the filter organizes product information into lists for easy selection of product information
Product Pages: On these pages a summary of available data is featured at the top of each page. The tabs open more specific data including in most instances a table that contains information on backing materials, inks, and certifications
Unlike traditional wallpaper, Custom Wallpaper consists of two elements (1.) the pattern which is kept as a digital image (2.) the backing material the pattern is eventually printed on.

Here are some of the benefits of Custom Wallpaper:

  • Any digital image can be printed on any backing material (this is the wallpaper itself) available from that manufacturer. We describe backing materials by function (soundproof, shower, etc.) These functions can be found on each product page and the composition of the backing materials are described in detail in the Data Tables found in each "Wallpaper Specifics" tab on the product pages
  • Digital images can be rescaled to fit the wall size. This enables rooms of different sizes (say Hotel Guest rooms) to have the pattern in the same place on the wall despite changing wall sizes
  • Elements of the pattern design can be scaled larger or smaller thus enabling the designer to choose which to feature
  • Dominant colors in the pattern design can be recolored using Pantone or RAL codes, for exact color matching with other elements of the project
  • Because of the separation of image from backing material, various backing materials have been developed for differing functions: the main categories today are Normal Indoor, Indoor-High Traffic, Indoor-Eco, Soundproof, Shower and Outdoor. Not all manufacturers print on all backing materials.


We feature a small selection of wallpapers that have already been printed. These cannot be custom-sized. They are purchased like traditional wallpaper - although, today, many patterns feature richness of color, and depth of surface which are enabled by the latest technologies. It is common in modern interior design, for Custom Wallpapers to be used on feature walls and pre-printed wallpapers (which may be complimentary in color or style) to be used on other walls because they are less expensive.

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Choosing from this list in our Filter menu saves time by featuring the single dominant color in each pattern. Choosing color here will turn the images to show that variation of the pattern. If you wish to see every pattern in which your color appears, enter that color in the discovery box. Using keywords in the discovery box will increase results by approx. 40%.

Pattern Family
This is our curated list of patterns to help your discovery. We will soon add keywords to each pattern to further refine your search. So, today, use “All Creatures Great & Small” to find “Animals”, “Birds”, “Mammals”, etc. Soon, you’ll be able to refine this by searching for “Dog”, “Pelican”, “Whale”, etc.

Key Dimension
This defines if a wallpaper pattern is stored digitally and printed to a “Custom” size or is a traditional pre-printed wallpaper available in rolls.

Function is defined by the backing material on which the image is printed. In theory, digital patterns can be printed on any backing material. However, manufacturers make their own choice of which backing materials are available. Use this list to narrow your discovery. Use the technical tables on each product page to see complete specifications. FYI: each pattern is shown in all its functions, so you’ll not miss a pattern by choosing from this list.

This is what the product is made from. Also narrow your discovery by reviewing Function and Finish.

Most often this is what you see on the surface. A paint might be available in matt, gloss, or an in-between finish like eggshell. Choose that finish here. FYI: each paint is shown in all its finishes, so you’ll not miss a color by choosing from this list.

Each manufacturer organizes its products to be tested for fitness for specific purpose. We have grouped certifications so that you can easily reduce your discovery time to find the right solution for your project. FYI: products are shown in each relevant list, so you’ll not miss one by choosing here.

Location Shown
In theory, digital patterns can be printed on any backing material available in that manufacturer’s collection. The only patterns shown here are those which have already been photographed in that location.



Indoor Wallpaper
We feature the following types of indoor wallpaper:

  • Normal indoor wallpaper is good for residential and light commercial installations. This wallpaper often carries the Type 1 designation
  • Indoor High-Traffic wallpaper is printed on a heavyweight backing material and is used generally in commercial locations and high traffic / high scuff areas of homes such as hallways. This wallpaper often carries the Type 2 designation
  • Indoor Eco wallpaper has been printed on materials with inks that are environmentally free. Each producer has a slightly different definition of “eco” and so it’s best to check on individual product pages in the “Product Specific” tab for details. We do not curate “eco” claims by manufacturers. (Most manufacturers print on backing materials which they describe as “eco-friendly.” Efficacy varies based on backing material, inks and process of manufacturer. We do not endorse claims that any one eco-friendly wallpaper is better than another - we provide the information as reported to us by manufacturers. Check the certification information provided in the Data Table on the product page, and if necessary request from us the actual certification certificates. If you have additional questions, write to and we’ll research the answers for you.)

Soundproof Wallpaper
Always for indoor, these wallpaper patterns are printed on backing materials that reduce sound emission. These can be particularly useful in hotel guest rooms and office locations. The efficacy of these claims and technical support information is contained in the Data Tables. Certifications which can be found here.

Shower Wallpaper
This is a backing material and treatment that resists water and can be used in areas in direct contact with water such as in a shower. Usually, they are based on a flexible fiberglass substrate with an additional topcoat that enables the wallpaper to be cleaned with a normal chemical solution. Fiberglass also covers small cracks in the surface of the wall. This video from Wall&deco is helpful to understand installation.

Outdoor Wallpaper
These wallpapers are printed on a flexible fiberglass substrate and generally similar to those used in the shower. They differ in that an additional transparent topcoat is used to resist UV rays which reduces the bleaching of color which otherwise would happen in an outdoor environment.



EXW Factory: Collection from the factory or manufacturers warehouse by purchaser.

CIF US Warehouse: We organize delivery to a US warehouse.

Door Delivery: We organize delivery to an installation location. Unless otherwise specified on the estimate/invoice, this delivery includes delivery to an external door. It does not involve taking products inside a location or unpacking

Air Freight to Location: Products are sent by airfreight from manufacturer to installation location or address when provided.

White Glove Delivery: We organize door-to-door delivery, after which products are placed in the location per instructions and all packing materials are removed.

All our shipments are insured for damage in transit. However, when the estimate/invoice is marked as EXW factory, we have no such responsibility. The purchaser or freight forwarder has full responsibility for both the collection, and safety of products during transit. We have no insurance to cover any damages beyond the factory gate. In EXW factory orders, the purchaser or freight forwarder will be asked to sign a release (usually called a “Bill of Lading” or “BOL”) that the products are in perfect order - this transfers responsibility for ownership of products to the purchaser/freight forwarder.

In all other cases, one of the following applies:

For wallpaper & rugs: generally, products are sent by airfreight from the factory to the client’s agreed location. This will be marked on the estimate as Air Freight to Location. Large volume orders may be shipped by ocean container.

Products are packed in International Shipping cartons ready for ocean freight as standard. Extra charges will apply if products are repacked in wooden crates for any reason.

For all products that we deliver in the United States, all taxes and duties are paid.

For products we deliver to a final destination outside the United States, importing fees are not included in estimates unless specifically marked as such. These may include but not be limited to custom duties fees, custom clearance fees, import taxes and other duties. If we estimate these fees in advance, local variations can sometimes apply. Any variations will be shown on the documentation received during importation and must be paid prior to final delivery.


For all products we deliver to a requested location, we insure them for the value of replacement and shipping cost. This insurance is valid for all products carried by our freight forwarders until possession changes. We and our freight forwarders are not responsible for products, nor is our insurance valid after the transfer of products to the purchaser, or any third-party warehouse or freight forwarder. This change of ownership of products is marked by a signed BOL by the purchaser, or warehouse or freight forwarder assigned by the purchaser, after which we are not responsible for any damage that occurs.

Advice on Receipt & Inspection of Products

General: Products are inspected by the manufacturer prior to release to ensure they are in good condition, complete, and ready for shipment. Damages at any point during shipping must be noted on the Bill of Lading (BOL), signed and dated. Products are moved by freight forwarders, often warehouses and local delivery companies are also involved. Each is responsible for the products after they take possession. Each must sign and date the BOL.

  • The freight forwarder is responsible for a complete inspection of the products at the point of origin. Any damage must be noted on the BOL. The signed BOL is confirmation by the freight forwarder that they have accepted responsibility for delivering the products in the condition in which they were received. Inspections of products in cartons or crates are limited to the exterior of the packages
  • This process is repeated if new freight forwarders are involved in shipment, and when products are received in a warehouse, and when products are delivered locally. When any such transfer takes place, we strongly recommend a thorough inspection. Upon receipt and inspection, the receiver must sign a receipt (BOL) which signifies that the shipment is in good condition. Any exception must be noted in writing on the BOL and we must be immediately informed. Pictures and description of any damages must be sent to within 5 business days otherwise no claims will be allowed
  • When unpacking the cartons or crates, inspect all products carefully. Cartons and crates should always be unpacked in the presence of the purchaser or a person responsible to the purchaser. NEVER discard original packaging until satisfied with the delivery
  • In the event that no responsible person is able to inspect the products thoroughly at the time of receipt, note on the BOL that any concealed damage of products in cartons or crates will be the responsibility of the freight forwarder or the manufacturer as determined upon later inspection of the products. Always keep a copy of the BOL. If damage is noted, save the packaging material, take pictures of the damage, and send them to us

See Insurance for damage claims.

Quality & Warranty

All our products are made of fine materials, they are carefully made and guaranteed against material and manufacturing defects for 2 years from the invoice date.

This guarantee does not include defects for misuse, accidents, neglect, and damages during transport, abuse, or aging and normal wear and tear. This warranty does not extend to fabrics, leathers, covers and materials, or other materials provided by the purchaser.

Repair, replacement, or a prorated discount on the total price constitute our full responsibility and are the only possible solutions for purchasers. We assume no responsibility for commercial losses, any consequence of damage that may result from any product defect, failure or delay. It is understood that these limited solutions and responsibility are part of the terms and conditions of purchase of our products, and when an order is processed these terms, conditions and limitations are accepted.


In the event that we store products on the purchasers behalf, the first month, from the date of arrival at the storage facility will be free. Each succeeding month will be charged as a pass-through expense, i.e., at cost. Purchasers may choose to pay for storage monthly, or in total prior to delivery. All storage costs must be paid before products are released. If the purchaser chooses to have products stored in a facility not chosen by us, we are not responsible for any damages to products from the time the BOL is signed and the transfer of ownership is made.

Products that remain uncollected for six months with no storage paid will be deemed abandoned. We will be free to sell them to recover expenses.