Va' Pensiero

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Va' Pensiero is a digital wallpaper from Tecnografica. Colors include Brown and Grey. It is stored as an image, rescaled to wall size and printed on a variety of substrates for multiple functions. Size of specific areas of pattern detail and colors can be customized. All technical specifications & certifications are shown in the Pattern Specifics table on product pages.

Renderings Timetable: 3-5 days

Samples Timetable: 10-12 days

Samples Cost: Each sample incurs printing and shipping costs.

Product Type: Digital Wallpaper

Collections: TNT, Fabric, Eco, Metal, H99

Certification: Contract

Availability: 6-7 weeks for soundproof wallpaper. 3-4 weeks for all other.

Suitability: Indoor

Price Guide: Boutique, Luxury

Typical Production Period: 21 Days

Shipping Method: Air freight to final location, ocean freight upon request


Material Descriptions & Features:

Tecnographica prints on five substrates with the same high quality technical characteristics which render fine colors and detailed resolution. See image gallery for surface textures of each type.

INDOOR - TNT: This woven non-woven finish is characterized by a spatulate effect on the surface. TNT is part of the vinyl technical wallpapers, which allow the reproduction of bright colors and unique details.
INDOOR - FABRIC: The peculiarity of Fabric is the structured fabric effect surface. The elegant and regular texture makes it one of the most appreciated finishes for Art Collections designs. Fabric is one of the technical vinyl wallpapers, able to guarantee the reproduction of fine details and of every shade of color.
INDOOR - ECO: Eco is a cellulose fiber-based finish, PVC-free, with no chemical solvents and vinyl glues. It is an ecological, certified, and embossed finish with stucco effect. As for all the other finishes, also on Eco the image quality is very high, and the colors are bright.
INDOOR - METAL: Metal is the vinyl wallpaper with metallic effect by Tecnografica. Thanks to the silver foil that covers the whole surface, when the light hits the wallpaper, it returns incredible iridescent reflections. Metal wallpaper enhances metal colors such as gold, silver, and copper, and gives particular brilliance to vibrant, saturated colors.
H2O:  H2O is the fiberglass waterproof wallpaper, which can be installed in bathrooms and in all environments characterized by a high rate of humidity. The peculiar weave of this fiberglass finish ensures an excellent definition and vividness of printing, as for the other finishes of the catalogue.


Designer: Giulia Ori

Patterns: Concrete, Lighthouse, Sky, Landscapes

Color Customization: Some colors can be customized using the RAL or Pantone or NCS systems. If an image is in the collection it will be customized free of charge. We can also work with your graphic materials or custom design imagery. Contact us for more information about this service.

Technical Features:

COMPOSITION Non-woven fabric substrate with vinyl surface layer Non-woven fabric PVC-free coated SD technology on vinyl finish, with silver foil (metallic effect). Fiberglass texture C/E coated with starch and synthetic substance mixture.
WEIGHT 350 g/m2 220 g/m2 356 g/m2 200 g/m2
THICKNESS 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 0.4 mm 0.3 mm
ROLL WIDTH 67 cm 73 cm 67 cm 90 cm
EXCESS MATERIAL 10 cm extra in top and bottom 10 cm extra in top and bottom 10 cm extra in top and bottom 10 cm extra in top and bottom
WARRANTY 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
CERTIFICATIONS Fire: EN 13501-1 (Class B, s2, d0)
Type II
Fire: EN 13501-1 (Class C, s1, d0).
Type I
Fire: Class B s1 d0.

Fire: EN 13501-1 (Euroclass B, s1, d0)
FEATURES Fabric: canvas-like surface.
TNT: stucco-like surface.
PVC-free, without solvents and without acrylic adhesives.
Eco-friendly, almost fully biodegradable.
UV resistant.
Matte finish, photographic quality printing.
The special embossing with fabric effect makes this finish very elegant and suitable for every environment, both residential and commercial. Can be used in showers and wet indoor areas.
Resistant to cracks.
Resistant to knocks.


Manufacturer: Vincent Sheppard

About Manufacturer: Tecnografica’s mission is to offer its customers the best in terms of design and technology. This Italian producer is a world-leader in the ceramic industry design sector and has drawn from this experience and graphic expertise to more recently create one of the wallpaper industries leading Custom Wallcovering brands.

Founded: 1992