Neo Royal 218625-218628

Key Dimension
Color V1
Specification Engine(TM)
Simple Explainer


While this Pre-printed wallpaper pattern is being evaluated and specification information collected, our sample and quote process are both available. Be sure to choose your available color variant above. Detailed specification information will be included on our quote.

Renderings Timetable: Not available. days

Availability: 4-5

Suitability: Indoor

Price Guide: Budget

Shipping Method: Air freight to final location, Ocean freight upon request


Color Customization: This wallpaper is pre-printed. Color customization is not possible.


Manufacturer: Gervasoni

About Manufacturer: BN Walls is one of the largest wallpaper manufacturers in the world, they have a rich history serving both the residential and contract market. They are Belgian craftsmen with a focus on gravure, embossing and screen-printing techniques, and an R&D process which welcomes to be challenged. Whether through the exploration of new technologies, the ideas of new designers, reproducing a special color, or incorporating a new material, they see the wall as a canvas filled with opportunities.

Founded: 1926