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Boxers is a digital wallpaper from London Art. Colors include Blue, Grey and Orange. It is stored as an image, rescaled to wall size and printed on a variety of substrates for multiple functions. Size of specific areas of pattern detail and colors can be customized. All technical specifications & certifications are shown in the Pattern Specifics table on product pages. #concrete #flowers #floral #plants #leaves #sports #boxing #people #men #watercolors #brush strokes

Renderings Timetable: 5-7 days

Samples Timetable: 10-12 days

Samples Cost: Samples are custom printed in scale of finished wallpaper. This producer supplies 2 free per project. Thereafter each sample is $18 plus shipping. Project must be over 12 square meters / 14.35 square yards.

Product Type: Digital Wallpaper

Collections: Raw, Bold, Green, White Glass, Blue Glass, Soundproof

Certification: Contract

Availability: 4-5 weeks

Suitability: Indoor, Outdoor

Price Guide: Boutique, Luxury

Typical Production Period: 21 days

Shipping Method: Air freight to final location, ocean freight upon request


Material Descriptions & Features:

London Art prints on 6 indoor substrates with the same high quality technical characteristics which render fine colors and detailed resolution. See image gallery for surface textures of each type. Supplied materials include the printed substrate & glue. The high traffic fiberglass substrate also includes a top coat.

INDOOR - RAW: This is the standard indoor substrate. It has an embossed and slightly irregular surface, similar to a painter's canvas.
INDOOR - BOLD: This substrate has the same surface characteristics as RAW. However, it is heavier & more durable and used mainly in contract installations.
INDOOR - ECO: This is an eco-friendly substrate with a smooth surface. It is PVC free.
INDOOR - HIGH TRAFFIC: This substrate "White Glass" is made from ultra-thin fiberglass yarn and is used on indoor walls that require frequent cleaning (it is washable with household detergents) and are subject to wear. The substrate has an embossed surface.
OUTDOOR & SHOWER: Multi-purpose substrate "Blue Glass" for SHOWER & OUTDOOR walls. It has an embossed surface. It is hard wearing, resistant to water and washable with household detergents. See image gallery for surface texture. Supplied materials include printed substrate, primer, glue & 2 top coatings.
SOUNDPROOF: This technical wallpaper has soundproofing and sound-absorbing characteristics. It is fiberglass with an additional technical backing layer. It is thicker than normal wallpaper and covers cracks and small wall imperfections. Generally used in offices, hotel guest rooms, and in cinemas, concert halls, music rooms, etc., it reduces echo and reverberation. Supplied materials include the printed substrate & glue.


Designer: Elena Salmistraro

Patterns: Concrete, Flowers, Floral, Plants, Leaves, Sports, Boxing, People, Men, Watercolors, Brush Strokes

Color Customization: Some colors can be customized using the RAL or Pantone or NCS systems. If an image is in the collection it will be customized free of charge. We can also work with your graphic materials or custom design imagery. Contact us for more information about this service.

Technical Features:

CODE Raw-S120 Bold-S260 Green-S560
COMPOSITION 70% cellulose, 20% synthetic fiber, 8% additives.
Decorative side: 100% PVC
92% PVC, 8% cotton backing 71% cellulose, 21% fiber, 8% additives
WEIGHT 360 g/m2-380 g/m2 500 g/m2 +/- 12% 150 g/m2 +/- 15%
THICKNESS   0.35 mm 0.4 mm-0.5 mm
ROLL WIDTH 47 cm 65 cm 47 cm
EXCESS MATERIAL 10 cm extra in top and bottom 10 cm extra in top and bottom 10 cm extra in top and bottom
WARRANTY 2 months 2 months 2 months
CERTIFICATIONS Fire: Class B s2 dO, USA Class A
Type II
Fire: ASTM E 84-20, USA Class A
Type II
Type I
FEATURES Impact resistant.

Impact resistant.
Resistant to UV rays.

Smooth surface.
PVC free.


CODE White Glass-S780 Blue Glass-S780 Soundproof-S670
COMPOSITION Ultra-thin fiberglass Ultra-thin fiberglass 92% PVC and plasticizers, 8% cotton support
WEIGHT 280 g/m2 +/- 15% 280 g/m2 +/- 15% 700 g/m2 +/- 10%
THICKNESS 0.3 mm-0.34 mm 0.4 mm-0.5 mm  
ROLL WIDTH 94 cm 94 cm 65 cm
EXCESS MATERIAL 10 cm extra in top and bottom 10 cm extra in top and bottom 10 cm extra in top and bottom
WARRANTY 2 months 2 months 2 months
CERTIFICATIONS Fire: ASTM E 84-19b, USA Class A Fire: ASTM E 84-19b, USA Class A Fire: Class B s2 dO, ASTM E 84/75 and 84/80 class A
Sound absorption coefficient: αw 0.40
FEATURES Washable with household detergent.
Washable with household detergent.
Resistant to UV rays.
Impact resistant.
Washable with household detergent.
Resistant to UV rays.


Manufacturer: Sika Design

About Manufacturer: The designs of LondonArt in Italy integrate fashion, bold graphic elements, and architectural detail. They have an International mindset combined with the artisan know-how of an atelier. They think of their products as “tailor-made” works of authentic craftsmanship - unconventional and fashionable, dressing surfaces to meet the different needs of space and people in everyday life. Patterns are created by designers, artists, architects, illustrators, tattoo artists and visual stylists who use their hands, eyes and ideas to create a mixture of inspirations and moods with a metropolitan, natural or illustrative touch.

Founded: 1992