3rd Ris

Color Natural Birch Varnish
Simple Explainer


Slender and expressive, the 3rd Ris outdoor folding stool features a small backrest and comfortable seat. It is durable and light to move. The footstool is neatly concealed in the interior when the stool is folded. Made with marine plywood and recycled sail material. White with natural plywood color, or Black. Available in two seat heights.

Modern Design Commentary: This company reuses discarded boat sails that travelled for years around the world and transforms their maritime past into outdoor furniture using modern design. Most discarded sail material is in excellent condition. It also possesses marvellous expressive qualities thanks to the seams, reinforcements, eyelets, marks and numbers, and in particular due to a highly characteristic patina acquired over time. Both the sail and marine plywood structures are resistant and impermeable materials that make them ideal for outdoor use.

Product Type: Counter Stool

Features: Foldable

Suitability: Outdoor

Typical Production Period: 4 weeks, 7 business days if stock is available.

Shipping Method: Ships from Spain, Additional 4+ weeks for ocean freight and delivery - actual timetable based on location, Air freight may be more economical depending on order volume


Materials – Structure: Birch Plywood

Structure Material Samples: 10-12 days

Material Descriptions & Features: The sail material and the marine plywood used in these products is resistant and impermeable to weather. This makes them ideal for outdoor use

Sail Material: The fabric in these products is recycled sail material from boats.This fabric has excellent durability and resistance to weather.These products are hand made in a workshop in Pamplona, Spain. Sail material is carefully chosen and labelled using a stringent process. Cutting and pattern making are carried out under the supervision of designers who make use of the parts of the sail that are in the best condition - the most expressive and appropriate parts for each product. After they are washed and ironed, they are sewn using the characteristic zigzag seaming with highly resistant thread in a range of colours. All the finished products are immersed in a waterproofing solution to improve their already excellent outdoor capacities. The products are then labelled by hand one-by-one with the identification of the source sail material.

Marine Plywood: The wood used is glued weather-resistant birch plywood in accordance with standard EN 314-2/type 3 for outdoor use. An outdoor protection water-based varnish has been applied which protects the colour of the wood for a longer period as it contains solar filters and iron oxides that give the wood considerable protection from ultraviolet rays. To keep the colour unaltered for much longer we recommend keeping the furniture out of the sun when it is not in use.

Each leg has an embedded plug for support made of hpl phenolic laminate which is highly resistant both mechanically and to impact and wear. Their V-shaped design ensures that they cannot work loose. It is however recommendable not to drag the furniture over very rough surfaces.

Sycamore: Cylindrical bars are treated with water varnish for outdoor use.

Joints: Stainless Steel Screws.

Structure Color Finish: Natural, Black

Seat Color Finish: Natural, Black

Seat Type: Fabric Seat & Back

Seat Fabric – Manufacturer: Recycled fabric from sails, available in black and white.

Materials/Fabric Certifications: Contract Grade


Seat Height: 58.5 cm

Overall Height: 74 cm

Depth: 47.5 cm

Variations: This collection contains: stools in dining, counter, and bar height.

Warranty: 2 years

Product – Cubic Vol: 0.06 cbm

Package Weight: 5 kg

Pieces per Carton: 1


About Manufacturer: Based in Pamplona, Spain, Dvelas is building its business with customers who are attracted to companies with a soul. Dvelas is not just a business idea that works, but a project born from a passion and a way of understanding life that became a business project by accident. Based on material with a past of its own, today they merge functionality and aesthetics to create products that integrate design, comfort, beauty and emotion. They believe in ‘refined eco-design’, things that are upcycled or recovered and that are also high quality and exquisitely designed.