Founded in 1882, the company is currently managed by third generation family members Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni. The company produces furniture for both contract and residential use in Pavia di Udine. In its historic collaborations with the finest designers (Paola Navone, Marco Piva, Michael Sodeau and Jasper Startup) Gervasoni is renowned for attention to detail, use of natural materials crafted with mastery, and experimentation with new materials. Exported to more than 80 countries, Gervasoni is recognized worldwide as the modern standard in casual/relaxed furniture.

Sustainability is a commitment that the company pursues in all phases of the production cycle. Commitment to the environment is recognized by several environmental certifications: Quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, the Environmental Management Certification UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004, the Certification for the Management of Workers Health and Safety ISO 45001.

Modern Design Platform & Gervasoni

Our Founder has enjoyed a relationship with Gervasoni since 2002. First as Agent, and more recently completing significant contract projects as reseller. As such, we've seen the company grow from a focus on the integration of ancient raw material working with designer, Paola Navone, to today's broadly-based indoor and outdoor collection, and the introduction of products from designers such as Nendo, and Chiara Andreatti.

In 2015, Gervasoni joined Italian Design Brands and is part of the project to build a globally competitive high-quality design furniture hub in Italy. See Italian Design Brands

Surfcomber Hotel

Design: Powerstrip Studio. Featured: InOut sectional sofa. See our blog post

Featured: Grey dining chairs

Featured: Sweet outdoor chandeliers.

Retail Showroom - Art Basel

Design: Franco Bianchi. Featured InOut outdoor chairs and Bolla lamps.

Chin Chin Restaurant

Architecture: Philippe Starck. Featured: Brick upholstery. InOut dining chairs. See our blog post

Bonito - Saint Barth

Featured: Grey & InOut dining chairs. Bolla chandeliers. See our blog post

One Hotel

Design: Meyer Davis. Featured: Ghost armchairs. InOut logs. See our blog post

Featured: Ghost upholstery.

Featured: InOut custom barstools. Ghost custom outdoor upholstery.