Wall&decò was born in Italy in 2005 when fashion photographer Christian Benini could not find backdrops for his photography. This led him to pioneer the development of customizable wallpaper based on digital images. Today, Wall&deco produces digital image based wallcoverings for indoor & outdoor walls, shower walls, and the decoration of soundproof walls which grace the finest hotels, restaurants, clubs, commercial office buildings, and are used in famous retail spaces on famous streets, as well as in private homes around the world.

The company has focused on the twin efforts of design and technology development. They have consistently led the industry in the development of new substrates and coatings to enable wallpapers to be used in every location. Today the company is working with many of the world’s top designers and continues to be at the forefront of wallpaper technology. Wall&deco is now part of the Swedish Embellence Group which also includes brands such as Cole & Son and Artscape.

Modern Design Platform & Wall&deco

Our Founder managed the team that launched Wall&deco in 2012 - the first digital wallpaper producer to enter the US market. With the capability to rescale, reposition and recolor design elements, digital wallpaper technology presents the designer with infinite opportunities for creative expression, and we continue to be responsible for pioneering the education of design teams, specifiers and contractors to this day. The team at MDP remains Wall&deco's largest US reseller. (See a few projects below.)

We've seen a dramatic increase in the number of designers, and the availability of patterns to inspire the design process, and the introduction of wallpaper substrates for outdoor walls and the shower, and more recently to soundproof hotel guest rooms and office locations. Digital wallpaper is growing at an extraordinary rate, with research suggesting it will become a $15B market by 2025.